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Ice-Skates – Get To Know About The History



The unusual history of ice skates takes us almost 5000 years back to the time when animal bones were used to make the skates by the Finns. Thus, the credit for the invention of ice-skates goes to the Finnish population and they found it really helpful as it allowed them to save energy during various moments like bad weather while they went for hunting in the Finnish Lakeland.

Most probably the earliest known ice skates invented in 200 A.D and were made from metal blades, most probably they were found in Scandinavia. The skates were fixed with a thin strip of folded copper which was attached to the underside of a leather shoe. Very interesting and very difficult as compared to the skates used now. Now the skates are much more enhanced with blades depending on the use and on the profile of the player. 


Types of skates-

There are 5 main types of skates which are-

Figure skates which are mainly used for figure skating and unlike hockey skates they have toe picks situated on the front of the blades and are made up of stainless steel or at times with aluminium with a steel runner.

The next is the Hockey Skates which are mainly used while playing ice hockey and ringette. The bots here are created with moulded plastic, leather and ballistic nylon. But, the skates while playing for competitive hockey barely has moulded plastic and the one used by goaltenders have a cut in the ankle and the boot is positioned closer to the ice for a lower centre of gravity.

Next one is the Bandy Skate, used mainly for Bandy and here the boots are made up of leather and are designed keeping in mind the safety of the opponent players too so that they don’t get hurt while playing.

The racing skates are known to have long blades, used for speed skating and one of the best examples is the clap skate which is kind of skate where the shoe is linked to the blade using a hinge.

The last one is the touring skate with long blades which can be stuck or attached with the help of bindings and are meant for long distance tour skating on natural ice.

The uses of these skates-

  • Ice Hockey- Generally played on ice, which includes two teams of skaters who uses their sticks to shoot the rubber puck into the goal. A very recreational sport which is played and viewed with equal enthusiasm.
  • Bandy- Another great and enthusiastic sport played on the ice during the winters in which the two teams have to put the ball into the opposing team’s goal. And thus based on the number of participating athletes, bandy became the world’s second most popular winter sport.
  • Speed Skating- This sports looks really engaging but is equally difficult. To race with each other on skates is certainly a rally difficult game to play.
  • Tour Skating- Do it to enjoy yourself, tour skating is a recreational long-distance ice skating on natural ice which is done under the special guidance and under strict surveillance. One should never try to do it alone.



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